मंगलबार, माघ २४ २०७९
ताजा अपडेट

EKALAP, Stories of Nature, Life and Human Extravaganza

  • Subash Singh Parajuli
  • मंगलबार, बैशाख २१ २०७८

EKALAP is a magnificent anthology of very profound author Nirmal Kumar Thapa who is specialized in non-fiction story weaving about human lives, indifferent living, insightful perceptions towards nature and life beyond extravaganza. This book consists sixteen short stories on various subject matters that revolves around the sincere significance of

peace in human relation to the other, a true feelings of love, essence of truth in lives, a vivid picturesque of wanderer in alien’s land , mesmerized tribute and obituary to the loved one, testimony of life after life, a walk for an eternal journey in kinkiness. Man craves for peace, but his selfish desires for power, affluence and wealth, drives him to inflict pain on another, hence the wars, strives, conflicts, and greed attitudes, misunderstandings goes on and on in course of one’s survival and such fundamental aspects of this modern livelihood creates much chaotic situation one after another and such poignant and vibrant people’s stories are beautifully crafted in his book. He points out the essence for peace amongst humans.

‘Tanki’ is one of the best stories about confrontation between two characters (Pravata and Sandhya) whose long dialogue are equally hailed and respected one to next recurring about bygone years nearby the harbour. One who resembled profession as a professor (Pravata on the other as a researcher (Sandhya) both had very enzymatic relationship after having frequent meeting and sharing their overviews upon life, death, love, sex and money and other stuff. Being for hours at the same point of bench there developed intuition of wantonness but despite of their difference intentions and desires in life one mesmerized on living in present and next wish to look forward life after life. Both sought true meaning and vibes of life and longing to and fro in sufferings within the rotation of routine. Some stories like ‘Prathana’, ‘Kayakatha’, ‘NadiNath’,  to seek true love and it’s impact on living, for the love of humanity, for the love of peace, from a sincere and selfless point of view and ambition, Thapa, has written this beautiful piece. Obviously, every mankind should know essence of humanity and to understand humanity you should have devotion upon yourself existing soul,to understand love must have faith on it and you only plunged in truth of something else. Where there is peace, there is all forms of living.


‘London Diary and Thailand Collage’ are two lively stories of two different places and peoples in terms of writer’s glimpses on location, historical places, socio-economic status, culture, norms and values, religious beliefs, scientific achievements, practices of social problems and traditional evils. Both places are totally fascinating and mostly preferred destination for anyone else having various sort of intentions and purposes .The writer didn’t only narrate the story of any Commoner to Royal people’s daily lifestyle he equally portrayed how such civilizations and settlements are possible and whose contributions made such places so much worthy and significant to allure millions in a single year to be aliens in alien’s land. After reading both stories anybody can do comparative study of both lives of haves and haves not and overview of operating system and laws how one Continent is different to next. Both stories are like travelogue writing but with the presence of lively characters it makes more fictional.

His some other stories dealt mostly about nature of humans and entangled with socio-economic status that are conventional and grounded. Most of his characters are not much fictional but they are classic and from subaltern groups who stands as backbone of a society and a state unfortunately falls like shooting stars. The petty contribution that let to do for someone else to change or make something best during in his or her lifetime forgetting owns life for living is the center character of this book. This book plainly seems a travelogue rather story however usages of figurative language, word selections, images, philosophical dialogues and mostly plot and settings of book completely bounds reader’s attention to digest as much as possible. Some characters who directly and indirectly let to touch the spirit of readers very quickly and form nerve wracking situations.

Overall, EKALAP is a formless of loneliness that is muted within anyone’s life which drags to crowded places as well as vice versa.

Parajuli is a poet, writer and literary organizer from eastern Nepal and currently resides in Kathmandu who contributed three anthologies Mystic Myth, Soil on Pyre and Symphony of Life)


खुशी मिडिया प्रा.ली. द्धारा सञ्चालित KTMKHABAR लाई नेपाली र अंग्रेजी संस्करणबाट पढ्न, हेर्न र सुन्न सक्नुहुनेछ । एप्सबाट सिधा समाचार पढ्न एन्ड्रोइडका लागि यहाँ र आइफोनका लागि यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस् । फेसबुक, युटुब र ट्वीटरमा पनि हामिसंग जोडिन सक्नुहुनेछ ।

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