बुधबार, जेष्ठ १७ २०८०
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Football Training in Zone Academy by Antholt Football School of Denmark

  • KTM Khabar
  • आइतबार, फाल्गुन १ २०७८

Zone Academy, Boudha, started four days close football camp today in association with Antholt Football School of Denmark. Three Danish trainers, Oliver Seier Peitersen, Oliver Sander, and Sebastian Schneider Christensen, representing Palvas Koters organization that connects the international community despite any caste, creed, and ethnic groups, will train the students up to 17th February 2022. Both of the organizations are trying to connect different cultural groups of the world through the medium of sports, football. They informed the Antholt Football School of Denmark will sponsor the upcoming events in Nepal.

The Principal of Zone Academy, Boudha, Bhoj Kumar Dhamala welcomed them modestly in the school and expressed his humblest gratitude to the team. He said, “Zone academy is keen to tie up with the program exchanging the cultural identities of both of the nations.” “We will leave no stones unturned to enhance the hidden potentiality of our diverse students through sports,” he added. Sandhya Shankar, the ninth-grader, enchanted the guests with her brilliant dance performance.

The trainers expressed, “Our happiness has no limit today by the hospitability offered by the school.” They promised to assist their best in the coming days being part and parcel of the school. They are euphoric to sign the MoU as soon as possible. The program was hosted by the school’s Academic Coordinator Narayan Chaulagain.

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