बुधबार, जेष्ठ १७ २०८०
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Global College to Initiate Conference on “Global Trends on Management”

  • KTM Khabar
  • बिहिबार, मंसिर १६ २०७८

Global College International, a joint venture of Global College of Management, Global International Policy and Research Development with its career partner BIFIN and national media houses, stated a press release stating that it is going to hold 3rd Global International Conference on 11th Dec 2021 (25 Mangsir 2078).

Principal of Global College International Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna highlighted the intention of the conference saying, “Its sole aim is to impart research knowledge concerning the global trends and research in management.” He further added, “It will bring to the fore some new debates, discussions and discourse relating 7 different themes and streams of management.”

Dr. Dev Raj Paneru, IQAC director of Global College International mentioned the 3rd GIC will capture the vision of Global College International and connect curricula with corporate through research and innovation. It will be addressed by distinguished international professors from different Universities operating at different parts of the global. The eminent speakers will shed light on different aspects that matter in the management of finance, IT, entrepreneurship, marketing, small and medium businesses amid and since the break out of COVID-pandemic and in the post COVID when we are obliged to find ways of new normal.

The panel discussion will be chaired by Dr. Tilak Rawal, the former governor of Nepal Rastra Bank. Dr. Dev Raj Paneru reported more than 1000 plus delegates, researchers, faculty, students, corporate leaders, experts, and speakers from national and international reputes will participate in the 3rd Global International Conference in virtual mode.

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